Monday, September 22, 2008

Repair Log 09-22-2008


1. Random ball loss and ball searches. Test all optos and refow solder.
Description: Balls get lost randomly throughout the game. I need to make note of what hole the ball is getting lost in.

2. "Time" insert light is not working???
Description: I think it's a wiring problem like the last one. I need to trace the wire back up to see if it got pinched on the sides.


1. Complete shop-out.
2. Replace right ramp.
3. Replace soccer ball
4. Apply goalie sticker.


1. Neon not working
Description: I'll need to find someone that can replace the ULN2803 .

2. Random bulbs burnt out.


1. Replace spinner

2. Fix "Ball in Hand" switch.

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