Sunday, March 22, 2009

Matching Pinball Machine Cabinet Colors

Pinball Pal has done all the work on matching cabinet touch-up color for pins.

Check it out Here

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good bye to radio shack fuses

After several years of buying out the stock of Radio Shack's slow blow fuses every time I bought a new project with an electrical problem I finally put together an alternative. I bought a 3amp, 4amp, 5amp, 8amp and 20amp circuit breakers from Ed at Great Plains Electronics. Notice that there is a hole not filled. That will hold a .5amp breaker that I forgot to order to handle the .5amp and 1amp fuses needs. The box is the $3.99 project box from Radio Shack. Please forgive the uneven holes drilled...the device is more for function over form :)

The breakers have a mean time to failure of around 1000 overloads so it should last a long time.

The leads with alligator clips will connect via molex connectors on the back to the correct amperage circuit breaker. I made the leads about 4' long so that I can have the box near me while troubleshooting. I thought about using a blown fuse instead of the alligator clips, but decided against it as being to fragile. I'll label the breakers front and back.

Cameron Silver's Cirqus Voltaire Development Photos

Cameron has some photos and short descriptions of the development of Cirqus Voltaire. Some interesting descriptions of things that didn't make it to production.

I've hotlinked one photo...hope that's ok Cameron.

Cameron's photos here

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Twilight Zone Clock Housing

I've had the housing for about a week. I tore into it Sat. morning. I had the clock completely torn apart when I realized that I didn't need to remove the gears :) Oh well, they needed to be cleaned.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Paper Arcade

"Way of the Rodent" posted some really cool paper craft arcade games. I put the pacman together in a couple of minutes, and printed out the rest for one of my wife's second grade students that's into origami.


This came in last Sunday, and sadly, it took the last space in my gameroom as it is configured now. I'll have to get rid of something to bring in something new.

An early production F-14 with all of the prototype flashers.

I plan for this to be my first full restoration. I've located a clearcoated and touched up playfield. Hopefully I'll start on tearing it down next fall.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Addition Cirqus Voltaire

I've been amassing CV parts for about a year. I was finally able to bring home a project this weekend. Great game.