Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good bye to radio shack fuses

After several years of buying out the stock of Radio Shack's slow blow fuses every time I bought a new project with an electrical problem I finally put together an alternative. I bought a 3amp, 4amp, 5amp, 8amp and 20amp circuit breakers from Ed at Great Plains Electronics. Notice that there is a hole not filled. That will hold a .5amp breaker that I forgot to order to handle the .5amp and 1amp fuses needs. The box is the $3.99 project box from Radio Shack. Please forgive the uneven holes drilled...the device is more for function over form :)

The breakers have a mean time to failure of around 1000 overloads so it should last a long time.

The leads with alligator clips will connect via molex connectors on the back to the correct amperage circuit breaker. I made the leads about 4' long so that I can have the box near me while troubleshooting. I thought about using a blown fuse instead of the alligator clips, but decided against it as being to fragile. I'll label the breakers front and back.

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