Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Twilight Zone home safe and sound

I picked up my Twilight Zone from Arnie's place Sunday afternoon. Arnie lives in the same town as my dad so I spent the weekend with family. My dad and I spent all day Sat building a rack for my truck. I sure made getting the two machine home a lot easier and safer, and it was really nice to spend a wonderful day with my dad. I'll post pictures of the rack later.

This game is HARD. I moved the outlane posts in tighter because they drained so much. The scoop needs adjusted because about 60% of all balls coming out of the slot machine scoop go SDTM. The trough proximity sensor keeps flaking out....it's the connector, they all do that from what I read. I'll have to take it out and solder something else on.

The machine is way nicer than I thought. When I agreed to buy it I had only looked at it for a second while in Arnie's garage. He wasn't sure he wanted to sell, but emailed me a couple of days later and told me it was mine if I wanted it. Well, after getting it home, the only flaws I can find are the chunk out of the front of the cabinet and the repro translight.

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glenn said...

GAH! I'm so excited!!