Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rotisserie plans

This came from a fellow RGP'er, Mike Engel aka pinballmike217.

I just had a request from an RGP'er to repost my Rotisserie plans.
Jim Heck also came up with a mod that I added. It replaces the single
crossbeam with two crossbeams that allows the rotisserie to be
adjusted lengthwise for different length playfields and stiffens up
the structure quite a bit.

Here's the original:

I've wanted a rotisserie but didn't want to spend big bucks, so I
designed my own out of inexpensive Home Depot parts. By using cast
black pipe I came up with a nice design that is easy to knock down for
storage. Stock list is as follows:

8 1/2" "T"s
4 1/2" 90's
4 3/4" to 1/2" reducing "T"s
3 1/2" unions
2 1/2" flanges
2 1/2" caps
All black pipe is 1/2" you will need:
1 36"
4 30"
7 12"
4 6"
2 5"
2 4"
Also buy:
4 1/4x1" carriage bolts with lockwashers and nuts
2 1/4x1" thumb screws
1 1/4" 20NC tap
1 13/64 drill bit.
2 24" pieces of 1 1/4" angle iron
4 small "C" clamps.

I allready had the c clamps, angle iron, and spray paint. Everything
else cost me exactly $82.12.

Here are the assembly instructions to go along with the pictures.

Picture #

1- The finished project.

2- All the parts.

3- Assemble the sides. Put one 90 and one "T" on either end of the
30" pieces of pipe. There will be 4 of these. Make sure the T and the
90 are pointing in the same direction after tightening.

4-Assemble the top. Connect 2 12" pieces of pipe with a T and assemble
one side on each end. Make sure the T is pointing straight up.

5+6 - Assemble the bottom. Use 1 12" pipe, 1 T, 1 6" pipe, 1 union,
1 5" pipe. assemble as shown in the picture.

7- Shows one completed side.

8- Stand up the two finished sides and built the base connector. This
consists of 1 36" pipe, 1 union, and 1 12" pipe.

9- The reducing T's will become the axle housings. Drill one 13/64
into the top of each coupling.

10- Shows the kit from Home Depot to do this.

11- Tap the holes.

12- Install the thumbscrews.

13-Install 6" pipes into the top of the frame sides and mount the
finished reducing T's on top.

14- Put a 4" pipe through the reducing T. This is the axle. Mount the
flange on the inside and put a cap on the outside.

15-Bolt on the angle iron with the carriage bolts. I used garage door
motor mounting sock which is pre drilled. The holes lined up perfectly
with no drilling.

16-Finished hub detail.

17+18 - The assembled rotisserie. Notice the "C" clamps holding on the
playfield have felt pads on the tips so they won't dig into the

19+20 - Painted and ready to use. Pictures here:

Now for the update:

2 X 5' 1/2" black pipe
4 X 1/2" "T"s
4 X 1/2 " nipples
4 thumbscrews.

Pictures for the mod are as follows:

1 - Rotisserie before update.

2 - Stock

3 - Tap the "T"s for thumbscrews

4 - Thread nipples and thumbscrews into the "T"s.

5 - Install the "T"s into the feet of the rotisserie base.

6 - Slide the 5' pipes through the new "T"s and tighten into position.

7+8 - Finished. Pictures here:

If you already built one of these, this mod is quick and easy and
makes a big difference. Thanks to Jim Heck.

If you are starting from scratch you can delete one union, one 36"
pipe, and one 12"pipe from the original stock list as the mod replaces
the original crossbeam.


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