Monday, October 27, 2008

"Ball Saved" a short documentary

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Greg Maletic said...

How can we see "Ball Saved" in its entirety?

mosten said...

That's a good question. Searching the Googles doesn't give any place to buy it. However, there are several bittorrent links.

Anonymous said...

Try this one. It's full


Greg Maletic said...

Thanks for the link, but that's the documentary I made. (I'm the director.) And though I'm happy if you watch it in any fashion, it would be better if you watched it on DVD, iTunes, or Netflix, that way everyone who made the film gets paid the way they're supposed to be paid.

Visit Thanks.

mosten said...

Here at Sluggo's, we've bought a copy of "Tilt". Great effort Greg!

Greg Maletic said...

Thanks! I appreciate it.

TiberiusC said...

The full Ball Saved documentary can be seen on the Director's website.

I believe the full title is Ball Saved: Preserving an American Pastime and I'm not sure why it's not available to buy or on Vimeo or even why it's in 3 parts.

Anyway I'm very new to pinball and am trying to find all the material I can on the subject. Even through it's been 5 years since the original post I hope this link can help someone.