Wednesday, October 8, 2008

John Dayhuff's 5th Annual 12 Hours of Pinball, Battle Creek MI 2007

In celebration of the upcoming John Dayhuff's 6th Annual "12 Hours of Pinball", Oct 25th 2008 in Battle Creek MI, Here are my pictures from last year. We had an awesome time. Thanks to John for opening up his mind boggling collection to random strangers. Can't wait to make the 7 hour drive for this year.

View from the bottom of the stairs

View going down the stairs

Me "enjoying" a game of Gilligans Island.

Quite a crowd

Me again, and little Kyra running around in the t-shirt that John had made for the party.

Xenon back glass

Bottom of the stairs again.

Rows 3 and 4

John D.

Row 1

John has used playfields as ceiling tiles.


Space Pilot, phone booth and video games

King Kong by Data East. One of nine produced according to ipdb. Yes, you can play it, although I thought the game play pretty much blew.

John D.

Me again.

And again.

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