Saturday, October 25, 2008

John P. Dayhuff's 6th Annual "12 Hours Of Pinball"

Randy, Corey, Glenn and I drove up to Battle Creek Friday afternoon. The van said 487 miles from Grinnell to BC. It took us about 7 hours. Our other passenger Nick was too sick to travel. I did pick up his t-shirt for him however.

While driving through Iowa City it was raining pretty hard. About 200 yards in front of us a semi started to Jack knife in the middle of the interstate. I'll I could do was apply the brakes and scream "Look at that! Look at that!". Anyway, the trailer as about at a 90 degree to the cab. Somehow the driver straightened it out. The rest of the drive was pretty easy except I was on edge from the near death experience.

"John P. Dayhuff's 12 Hours of Pinball 2008" Part 1

"John P. Dayhuff's 12 Hours of Pinball 2008" Part 2

John's elusive "EM Charlies Angles". There is a NOS playfield sitting next to it.

60's and 80's SS and EM line on the right. Data East and Capcom on the left.

Data East King Kong (IPDB Link) One of 9 produced.

King Kong playfield

My buddy Randy

The "Match Predictor" that I gave John last year. I brought him a switch to enable "free vend" for his soda machine this year.

My buddy Corey



My fellow van rider Glenn

Glenn playing G&R

Glenn and I enjoyed John's excellent sys80 collection


Randy said...

I put up my photos from the party here,

mosten said...

Did you put the iphone pics anywhere?

Randy said...

They are in there too. Only a couple iPhone pics turned out, they are tagged.

glenn said...

Hey, how come Randy and Corey are your 'buddies' but I'm only a 'fellow van rider'? Wassupwiddat?

mosten said...

You're my buddy too Glenn :)