Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Great article and comment thread from the Lincoln Journal Star about growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska in the 80's.

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What do you remember about growing up here in the '80s?

You may have seen the e-mail.

The one with pictures of slap bracelets, Alf the alien, friendship bracelets and the computer game “The Oregon Trail.”

The one that starts out, “You Know You Grew Up In the ’80s if:

Story Photo

Remember the sorta-creepy mechanical band from Showbiz Pizza? Then you must've grown up around here in the '80s.

- You’ve ever ended a sentence with the word “psych!”

- You can sing the rap to the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and do the Carlton.

And features such gems as:

- You tight-rolled your jeans.

- You know all the words to Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name.”

- You just sang those words to yourself.

But what about all the things you would only remember if you grew up here in the 1980s?

Here’s a list we made up. By all means, add your own thoughts in the comments area below.

You were growing up in the Lincoln area in the 1980s if:

- You remember bawling when the Huskers lost the Orange Bowl.

- You can remember when Gap and Banana Republic were exotic brands from far-away places.

- You loved Big Ben the bear at the Folsom Children’s Zoo.

- You remember when our governor, Bob Kerrey, was dating a movie star!

- You recall “awesome” family outings to Peony Park in Omaha.

- You saw movies at The Cooper at 54th and O streets.

- You had your birthday party at Showbiz Pizza.

- The East Park Plaza food court was The Place to see and be seen.

- You faced off against the mighty alligator at Cool Crest mini golf.

- You can remember how long it used to take to drive anywhere, because the interstate speed limit was 55 mph.

- You can remember the photo booth at Kresge’s at Gateway Mall (and when Gateway was an outdoor mall, like SouthPointe).

- You scrambled to the top of the blue elephant slide in the indoor playground at Richman Gordman.

- You watched “Romper Room,” and if you weren’t on the show at least once, you were really, really jealous of friends who were.

- You can remember scary Halloween events set up inside The Centrum and lines around the block to get inside.

- You were young enough to get a little scared by all the creepy Halloween stuff at Thingsville.

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