Monday, October 13, 2008

Showbiz Rock-A-Fire Explosion Band

Ok, so here's something about a guy that bought up a complete set of animatronics from Showbiz Pizza and learned how to program them him self. Some serious geek cred here. I looked up what it costs to own one of these things....about $50k per robot. Yikes.


pocket change said...

I used to see these in the old Showbiz pizza place in Appleton Wi. I wondered what happened to them after they shut all the pizza places down. I saw my first Baby Pacman there. Bryan

mosten said...

According to what I've found on the net, they were *supposed* to be destroyed, but a lot of them made it out in tact. There is an ebay auction for the complete set currently at $14k, haha!

pocket change said...

Well you could give up your living room for some dancing bears. I did say dancing bears not dancing girls. That would be off the wall a little.